The Best Immigration Guides

The best Immigration Guides

 All our advice online is free. Experienced in dealing with Immigration law since 1996, means we are a leading name in securing visas across the globe. Throughout our site and this page, we provide access to the best sites we have found online to help you secure your visa for free and along with our guides offer free answers to your questions.

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Our world leading Immigration experts provide their time and knowledge for free, so you can have access to leading immigration expertise, to help your immigration case become a success story. Simply post your question now, for an immigration expert to provide advice, specific to your needs.

We shall help you research you immigration plans. Some of the links refer you to other pages on our site where we have already posted a guide with outbound links to best immigration resources online today. We have taken the time to research the best tools available for you, which you can trust and will not be simply trying to offer services for a fee.

Guides And Links

Here we explore The UK, Australian, Canadian and USA Immigration in our brief guides below with our top recommedations for where to go for great help and advice.


Let us look at this for a moment, there are dozens of ways people fail to secure the visa they are entitled to and often a little advice would make a big difference to the outcome. With BREXIT and the political pressure in the UK to Control immigration, we understand the challenges of emigration to the UK. We offer free advice to make your visa application a success. Post your questions for a fast response.

UK Visas Points Test

For many UK Visas today a person must pass a points test to qualify for a specific visa. These include highly skilled visas, Student visas and others. We can assist you to secure your visa but in the meantime, if you would like to view the UK's official points calculator, which is not as user-friendly as it could but, it still a useful starting point and you can find it here.

When you have further questions, please join our site and ask your specific questions. We will be delighted to help and even happier if you shared us on social media to help us spread the word about our free service.

Tier 1 Visas

Are for people who wish to enter the UK Based on their own skills and expertise. You can use this visa if you wish to open a business as a Eurenpeneur. We are happy to offer free advice or you might like to read more about the visa in the UK Governments guidance notes here.

Tier 2 Visas

These visas allow a UK based organisation to hire an overseas employee. There is an intracompany option where the person has worked in a skilled position for the company overseas and is being seconded to the UK or as a new hire.

Whatever option chosen the employer must hold the necessary licence to sponsor an overseas employee and remain compliant with the UK immigration law. There is a list of all companies who currently hold a licenced published. If you have been offered a job by a company claiming to be in the UK with a licence to hire you can check out their licence on the official site.

To find out more about Tier 2 Visas ask us your questions and become a member for regular updates. We will also be posting jobs in due course which will be available in the UK for our members. We shall never charge recruitment fees and post all jobs for free. If you are an employer looking for overseas talent contact us and we shall share your jobs with our members as long as you have the necessary UK licence to employ overseas skills.

Tier 4 Visas

There is nothing quite like adding a UK qualification to your academic achievements. International students literally add billions to the UK economy each year and UK Universities rely on the income they receive from overseas students. That in mind, it is often a point of frustration among UK colleges and Universities how difficult the UK Immigration makes entering the UK as a student. In past years students were able to graduate and go on to secure a work permit but, those days have gone and students are expected to leave the UK irrespective of the benefits they may bring to the UK.

If you would like to study in the UK you will need to be accepted on a course in an educational establishment with the correct licence to teach overseas students. The complete list of UK educational sponsors will help you find the perfect college. If you need further advice we are here to help.

Other UK Visas

  • Marriage Visas
  • UK Ancestry Visas
  • Dependents
  • ILR Indefinite Leave To Remain
  • Nationality
  • Medical Visas

Whatever your UK Immigration questions we can answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you soon. Join our site and post your questions.


There are few countries that can match Australia. Thousands of people each year compete for limited places, so if you want to emigrate to Australia you will need to prove you are the best possible candidate for a visa. Australia Immigration even scrutinises spouse visas and a visa can cost thousands of dollars. 

A little expert advice can cut through a lot of the jargon to put a case on the right track. We can help you calculate your points, secure your skills assessment, apply for your English language test and more. We are proud to offer free advice and support fast. So put us to the test.

Australian Work Visas

There are various skilled worker visas and the most popular are the 189 visas(our page) because it is the best but most difficult to qualify for. Then there is the 190 Visa(our page) which requires you to live in the state that sponsors you for two years after you arrive. Finally, there is the 457 visa(our page) which requires an employer to sponsor you. There are other visas which are limited in number and rarely approved so we shall address them in another page in the future. For today, if you want to know where your skills are in demand in Australia and what skills are required we suggest you look at Anscosearch which a handy site with lots of information on various skills in demand. Once you have found your skills are in demand and you are eligible to apply to immigrate as a skilled worker you may want to look at doing and IELTS test to prove your English. We recommend the Britsh Council as a starting point to prepare for your IELTS.

Once you decide emigration to Australia as a skilled worker is right for you, we can help you prepare your case, ask your questions for expert advice.

Other Australian Visas

Whatever your Australian Immigration questions we can help you find the answers you are looking for.


So you want to emigrate to Canada and may want to apply as a student or under the Express Entry scheme. Whatever route you want to use to secure a Canadian Visa you will need to ensure your case is perfect before you lodge, because if it is not the Canadian Immigration Officer will not tell you what is missing, they will simply put your case to one side and you will never hear another thing.

Canada is an amazing country and is a favourite destination, it is also one of the hardest to secure a visa for. We know from experience a little expert advice makes a winning difference. Ask us about your immigration case and let us help you secure your Canadian Visas or explore some of our favourite sites for jargon free assistance.

Express Entry

This is used by people who want to emigrate to Canada to work but also for a study permit and other visa classes. Let us focus on the skilled work route for now. To submit an initial application you will need 67 points. Why 67! no idea but that is what it is right now and to confuse you even more, those points are then converted once you apply for an expression of interest or a visa is more simple terms to hundreds of points. An applicant is entered into a pool of similar applicants across the globe. A person need around 460 points currently to be selected from the pool of other applicants, making the 67 points even more bizarre, but let's not dwell on the odd stuff.

Here are some great resources, in Canada the Provinces have settlement services to assist immigrants to find their feet and plan their migration here are a few of those listed here. They are all managed and run by the provincial governments. They can also help you decide on where you want to call home. As Canada is so large the provinces each have their owned unique characteristics.

Other Canadian Visas

When you are ready to emigrate, contact us for more help and advice or ask your questions today for fast, free expert advice. We hope to make your plans a success and don't forget to share us!


The American dream makes immigrating to the USA a dream for many. The problem is the US Immigration Service is in a mess and with Trump pushing for ever tougher controls even big companies based in the USA are concerned about the difficulties people are facing in securing a US Visa.

For many years entering the USA and securing a visa has been challenging but now the USA is certainly a destination we would urge you to secure some expert advice before submitting your case. If you want to live in the USA to be with loved ones, work or invest we can provide some jargon-free advice completely free of charge to ensure you have a fighting chance of success.

We look at some of the most helpful links for US Immigration here. First, we look at student visas for those looking to navigate the process. We found the Government site the most helpful starting point unless you go to a specific universities site.

Your Study in the USA starts here.

For those looking at work permits and investments, we have looked at the various option and found the U.S Department Of State site the most helpful as man sites are out of date or confusing. This is understandable as the U.S Immigration laws and policies are a mess right now and with Trump things are not looking to improve soon. For the best US Visa advice, we urge you to ask us your questions you can have some comfort and advice you can trust.


We have listed the top destinations above but our legal team have assisted people to emigrate across the world since 1996 and we are proud of our ability to make a difference.

We are also proud of the fact we are able to provide an unlimited level of support to our users absolutely free of charge. So if you want to emigrate from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe we can help you. So tell us about your plans and let us help you make your migration as easy and fast as possible.

What Makes Global Visas Unique

We provide a basic guide to immigration law on our site as we know writing 100's of complex pages will only confuse and the fact is most people do not have the time to read the legislation which sits behind the immigration policies across the globe. While the internet can offer an overview it will never replace seven years in law school and 20 years in practice, so we look to answer your specific questions rather than writing pages of meaningless drivel that mean nothing to you, general information can be found on thousands of websites, so we are not going to add to waffle.

We are different in our approach to winning cases and prefer to answer your specific questions, that are most relevant to you. We deal with everyone as an individual and address all questions based on your case history and needs of you as an individual or as a business.

Putting You In Control

If you are on our site we assume you would like to secure a visa but not sure how to go about the task.  Firstly, relax, it is not that difficult and you are in the right place to have your questions answered and our expert advice is fast and yours for free. 

Next Steps

If you have specific questions and want answers fast join our FREE forum and ask our experts and find answers provided previously, or apply for our premium services and let us complete your case, fast.

We look forward to hearing from you, help you secure your visa and becoming friends online.


  1. Joe

    We live in U.K. And want to Appy or employ and au pair from Ukraine (currently working in Italy as an au pair). We are not sure what are the requirements and what we need to support her application.
    I am not sure what telephone number to contact to discuss these options

  2. Muhannad Al raisi

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m an Omani passport holder who will be travelling to the USA with a tourist visa in mid-July 2017 and my US visa expires end of January 2018. I’m planning to book a cruise-ship trip which will visit Jamaica and Mexico. Should I get a visa for my visit to these countries or not?
    I read online that cruise visits for the both countries are not required. Please advise.


  3. Blake Thornycroft

    Good day,

    I am a South Africa who has been teaching English in The Czech Republic for two years and would like to teach in Brazil. I am 27 years old and have a Bachelors in Economics and post-graduate Honours in Financial Management along with a TEFL certificate.

    I would like some advice on how to proceed in applying for a work visa as well as the best visa assistance company to use for the application.

    Your advice would be really appreciated.

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