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  1. dook

    Securing A Work Visa

    I am a qualified electrician, I am waiting for my EWRB registration, and want to go to New Zealand to look for work once I have the registration, at the end of March 2017, while I am staying with my brother in New Plymouth.
    My plan is to immigrate permanently with my wife and son to New Zealand.
    What are the requirements for a working holiday visa?
    and is this the best option?

  2. dook

    Can I get A Working Holiday Visa?

    could you please tell me the requirements, for a working holiday visa, from South Africa to New Zealand.

  3. doods

    Employment Visa Options

    Please guide me on how I can qualify to apply for an employment visa to New Zealand. I am currently working and living in the UAE.

    1. Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Work Visas

      There are several types of working visas for New Zealand but without knowing what you do for a living I would urge you to secure employment prior to doing anything else. New Zealand is a notoriously difficult country to secure a working visa for currently. If you are able to secure employment sponsorship it would make your migration plans a great deal easier.

  4. Derae

    A Visa For My Partner

    I’m a New Zealand citizen and I’d like to bring my partner, who is a male, Chinese citizen back to NZL with me. I know he is keen to continue studying at a tertiary level and get a Masters degree. I assume the permanent residency visa as a partner of a New Zealand resident or citizen is the best option for him. My question is this, does our application for him stand a better chance of being accepted if we are married when we file for the visa?

    1. Your Immigration Expert Post author

      The Difference Between A Marriage And De facto Visa

      The short answer is that New Zealand is an enlightened country that does not require its citizens to be married to benefit from family life. Therefore, as long as you can show via independent financial, official and social documentary evidence that you have been co-habiting as partners for the past year, regardless of your sex you will be treated equally to married couples.

      The evidence you will be required to provide are items in both names or in separate names and sent to the same address. Examples include but not limited to bank statements, invoices and domestic bills, medical records, government forms. From a social aspect, there is a requirement to show joint travels, statements from family and friends showing they recognise you as a couple. There are of course other items but I hope this provides an overview.

      There are exceptions to the rule regarding cohabitation, where a couple may live apart but are still classed as being in a de facto relationship. These are difficult cases to win as the criteria to evidence the relationship is so high and it is down to the discretion of the Immigration Officer.

      If you decide to Marry that is great but from an immigration point of view, it is not a requirement. What is important and we have not addressed, is that you must evidence your ability to support your partner financially while they are in New Zealand until they qualify for residency.

      1. (Ms) Derae

        Entry Clearance As A Partner

        not sure I gave you enough information… We would be applying for a Residency Visa while still in China and would aim not to arrive in NZL before residency was granted. Is this not possible due to visa conditions and requirements?
        While supporting him would not be an issue, the Residency Visa allows an applicant to work in NZL once it’s granted, correct?

        1. Your Immigration Expert Post author

          Spouse Visas Issued Before Entry

          You may find your partner will be granted a two-year visa and on completion if the relationship is still subsisting he will be granted residency. You will need to prove you can financially support your partner during this time so a job offer would be helpful as well as a healthy bank balance.

          During this probationary period your partner will be able to work, the rule simply protects the public purse from an unnecessary burden. On a separate note, you may want to check with the University regarding fees as they could attempt to charge international student rates.

          1. (Ms) Derae

            Thank You

            Thank you very much for the information, you have been exceptionally helpful and I really appreciate it.

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