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  1. Mohammed khan


    My son intends to marry from Pakistan next year
    He is 25 she is 22
    What are the legal requirements to fulfill

    1. Admin Here To Help Post author


      Congratulations to your son, we can certainly assist him or his wife secure a visa with our advice. A few things to get started would be to ensure they have sufficient funds to emigrate to the UK as this is a major concern of UK immigration in these cases. That said as long as the marriage is legally recognised and not just a religious ceremony then they will be fine.

      you may find this link helpful

      I used to be a UK Immigration officer and would be happy to discuss this with you further. To do so please join our community and open a topic in our forum so others can read and learn from your questions and my replies and let’s secure your son’s marriage visa for the UK.

  2. Terence Tee

    Am I A British Citizen?

    Hello, first of all, thanks for providing this amazing service. I would like to know if I’m eligible to claim a British Citizenship as I was born in the UK with a British birth certificate. Both of my parents were under a working permit whilst they were there. I’m currently holding a Malaysian passport as both of my parents are Malaysians.

    1. Your Immigration Expert Post author

      British Citizenship By Birth

      For many years now a person is not British by birth unless their parents held Indefinite Leave To Remain at the time of their birth or secured it subsequently. To secure British Citizenship they would have needed to add you to the ILR case as their child and then apply for British Citizenship. As you mentioned your parents were on a Work Permit when they were in the UK and are not currently British Citizens, I would assume they never secured ILR nor had they applied for UK Citizenship. Therefore, I would suggest you are not a British Citizen at this time. Let me know if you have further need for advice.

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