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  1. Sher singh

    How Can I Get A UK Work Permit?

    Hi, I did PGDBM in London at 2011. So, now how can I apply for a work permit of UK?

    1. Admin Here To Help Post author

      How To Secure A UK Tier 2 Work Visa

      Securing a UK Tier 2 work visa or what used to be called a work permit is quite difficult at the moment. Once the UK leaves the E.U there are plans to amend the UK Work visas rules, potentially improving people’s opportunities of success. However, until then you will require an employer to relocate you to the UK under the intra-company transfer route or to secure a job with a company who holds or is willing and able to secure a licence to hire overseas workers.

      The salary offered will need to be at least £35,000 in most cases and the employer will need to evidence they could not hire a UK or European resident to do the job on offer. This is where most companies struggle at the moment, but as I said this will change shortly, so keep checking back and join our UK visas group for updates on UK Immigration and Tier 2 visas as they happen.

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