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  1. Rob

    Can A Blind Person On Benefits Secure A Visa?

    I am marrying an American girl next Saturday, I fly out to the USA on Wednesday. Here are the plans, we stay together In the USA for 7 weeks then she comes to the UK on a normal visitor visa for 5 months (or less).
    Before we go out to the USA together, where we plan to apply for a settled person visa. My worry is if the Entry Clearance Officer is the UK and the US Immigration Officer will be ok with this?

    We’re both totally blind, I am on UK ESA and PIP benefits and also will be entitled to housing benefit when we move into our new home (another reason for leaving it until later is that I cannot right now prove my entitlement to this benefit).
    Can I have your thoughts?

    1. Your Immigration Expert Post author

      Applying For A Visa While Disabled

      The is also blind or so Lord Justice Denning used to say. The fact of the matter is the Immigration Officer and Entry Clearance Officer has a really tough decision to make on your case. On one hand, they will certainly not want to separate you from your partner but on the other, they have a duty of care to ensure you can both afford to live.

      Is it in the public interest to deny the visa or not. The truth is it might be as they would be protecting you both from unnecessary hardship. Now that may seem harsh and I am certain if they make that decision it will not be taken lightly and senior officers will be consulted.

      No one will want to be the person who says no and refuses your visas in the UK or the USA, but it is part of the job if you can not build a strong enough case that you will be financially stable. I would urge you to have your financial evidence in place before any travel plans are finalised. Good luck and please let me know if I can help more and keep me posted of the outcome.

  2. Sean Bradford

    Thank you for this romantic and practical information! So if you ‘live together’ or ‘cohabitate,’ you can’t bring your other half with you to the US. While not a licensed arrangement, I have seen many couples even more romantically entwined than in ‘official’ unions. Oh well…

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